Use of Cookies

To ensure that our services are as efficient and user-friendly as possible, this website uses files called "cookies" that contain a minimal amount of information and are saved in the User's web browser directory. Cookies have different types, but their main purpose is to improve the functioning of the website and enable certain features.

Cookies enhance the User's browsing experience in various ways. For example:

  • They allow efficient navigation between different pages of the website.
  • They store the User's preferences and username.
  • They reduce the need to enter the same information (such as username and password) multiple times during the visit.
  • They measure the use of services by Users to improve the browsing experience and the services themselves.
  • They present targeted advertising based on the User's interests and behavior during browsing.

There are different types of cookies that can be used on this website. Below are the available types of cookies and their purposes.

Technical Cookies

This type of cookie is essential to ensure the proper functioning of certain sections of the website. This category of cookies can be divided into session cookies and persistent cookies. Without them, some parts of the website may not work properly. For this reason, they are always used regardless of the user's preferences. Technical cookies are always transmitted by our domain.

Analytical Cookies

Cookies of this type are used to collect data on website usage. The website owner uses this data for statistical analysis, to improve the website and facilitate its use, as well as to monitor its proper functioning. This type of cookie collects anonymous information about users' activity on the website and the pages visited, as well as how users arrived at the website. Cookies belonging to this category are transmitted by the website itself or by third-party domains.

Third-Party Tracking Cookies

Third-party cookies may be used to track website usage by visitors, such as the keywords used to access the website, the visited sites, and the sources of traffic that brought visitors to the website through marketing campaigns. The website owner may use this information to generate reports and improve the website. These cookies collect this information anonymously. These cookies can be sent by the website itself or by third-party domains.

Cookies for Third-Party Functionality Integration

Cookies for the integration of third-party functionality are used to incorporate third-party features into the website (such as comment forms or social network icons that allow visitors to share website content). Cookies in this category may be sent from partner website domains or from other sites that offer the functionalities present on the website.

The owner does not require the User's authorization for technical cookies since they are essential for the functioning of the provided service.

For other types of cookies, Users can give their consent in accordance with the current regulations through their browser settings or easy-to-use computer programs and devices. Please note that Users have the possibility to change cookie preferences at any time, and disabling cookies may prevent the use of certain parts of the website.

The website contains links to other websites that have their own privacy policies. The owner is not responsible for the privacy policies adopted by third parties.

In compliance with Article 122, paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree 196/2003, Users give their consent to the use of these cookies through the settings of the browser used to browse the website, with the option to communicate their preferences regarding the data managed through the accepted cookies to the Data Controller at any time.

Cookies can be enabled or disabled through browser settings. In case of complete cookie deactivation, some interactive features may not be available. It is recommended to check the browser settings on each used computer. Additionally, cookies can be deleted from the dedicated browser folder by following the specific instructions for the browser in use.

Activation and Deactivation of Cookies

In addition to using the tools provided by the browser to enable or disable individual cookies, pleasenote that the website provides a list of the main providers working with website managers to collect and use information for behavioral advertising.

You can disable or enable all companies or alternatively adjust preferences individually for each company.

To do this, you can use the tool found on the page

Additional useful information about cookies is available at the following addresses: